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Trustee Documents

After filing a Notice of Default (NOD), the beneficiary/trustee has ten (10) days to submit to the State of Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program (FMP) the required Trustee Information Affidavit Form (TIAF), a recorded copy of the Notice of Default (NOD), and the Proof of Service as required by NRS 107.080. After confirmation of homeowner enrollment in mediation, the trustee is required to submit a $200 mediation fee. Any delay by the beneficiary/trustee will extend the time it takes for the mediation to be held.

Mediation Program Documents

  • Trustee Information/Affidavit Form (TIAF) [Word] [PDF] - Required to initiate a case after the filing of a Notice of Default (NOD) after Oct. 1, 2013. -Updated 3-25-14
  • Homeowner Notice of Enrollment Form [Word] [PDF] - Required to initiate a case after the filing of a Notice of Default (NOD) (Complies with AB 273 changes to NRS 107). Updated 3-25-14
  • Possible Required Documents for Mediation   - Provides homeowners with information about possible required documents.
  • Homeowner Assistance Flyer   - Provides an overview of the Foreclosure Mediation Program and links to legal and consumer assistance agencies.

XML File - Effective October 1, 2013

In addition to the required documents, effective October 1, 2013, the FMP will require Trustees to provide along with the TIAF all of the exported TIAF data records as an  XML file. This step will enroll homeowners in the FMP, expedite the processing of Trustee documents, and provide the required information to comply with NRS 107.086. The following documents are samples to assist Trustees in complying with this requirement:

  • FMP XML Document Creation Guidelines
  • SubmittedCases.xsd - Scheme File required for generating compliant XML files for import into the FMP Case Management System (CMS).
  • Good.xml - A sample XML file. Does not contain all of the required data file records. Do not use as a template for creating an XML file for submission to the FMP.

Judicial Foreclosure

Effective October 1, 2013, individuals who have been served with a copy of a civil action for a judicial foreclosure sale pursuant to NRS 40.430 are eligible for foreclosure mediation. When making service of a judicial foreclosure civil complaint, provide the homeowner with the Judicial Foreclosure Enrollment/Waiver Form, as well as two pre-addressed envelopes addressed to you (Trustee) and the Foreclosure Mediation Program (FMP), 201 S. Carson St, Ste 250, Carson City, NV 89701. 

  • Judicial Foreclosure Information/Affidavit Form (JFIAF) [Word] | [PDFUpdated 3-25-14
  • Attorney Packet - All Documents in PDF Updated 3-25-14

Mediation Document Certification

The following document is used by the beneficiary/trustee to comply with NRS 107.086 and FMP Rule 11for document production at mediation:

Documents Required at Mediation

  • Mortgage Note
  • Deed of Trust
  • Each assignment of the Deed of Trust
  • Each assignment or  endorsement of the Mortgage Note.
  • Appraisal and/or Brokers Price Opinion (BPO) in accordance with NRS 645.2515 dated not more than 60 days old (prior to the date of mediation).

The following documents available for Notices of Default filed prior to October 1, 2013

Additional Documents

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